Becoming: Authentically Synthetic

People always ask “Why do you use Auto-tune? Your voice is dope by itself!”. And, I get it. First of all, I’m humbled every time someone appreciates the gift God gave to me. Second, I ask myself the same thing all the time. I love my voice, well, I guess I should say I kinda like my voice (my own worst critic). There’s always something I want to work on or make better. At heart, I’m a purist. Growing up in church, there was no auto-tune, or special vocal effects. Let’s be honest, half the time there weren’t even instruments! LOL! So as a kid, I quickly learned to do a lot with just my voice. Its actually where I’m most comfortable. Then, auto-tune happened…

And synthetic Mona slowly began to take form. I like her too! Tuning up makes me transform into something new. Not necessarily better, just different. And I love different! So sometimes I tune up, and sometime I don’t! Just depends on the vibe, but its always ME! All of ME! Thank you TC-Helicon for being my portal to authentic synthetic.


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